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Free Download JNews Theme v10.0.3 Plugins

Free Download JNews Theme v10.0.3 Plugins is a theme designed to provide a one-on-one solution to every publishing need. With JNews, you can find endless possibilities in creating the best fully-functional website. We offer over 50 demos that are suitable for news sites, magazine sites, blog sites, admin sites, and any of your publishing websites. There is also an automatic import feature to repeat from your favorite demo with one click.

Overview Of JNews Theme v10.0.3 Plugins

Setting up your website with JNews is easy and fun. You can easily drag and drop Header Builder, WPBakery Visual Composer, Elementor, and Customizer to see the changes you have made and create a landing page. We fully integrate all elements of WPBakery Visual Composer, including the Frontend Visual Composer Editor. You can also use the JNews theme with the free version of Elementor or Elementor Pro.

Best and lightweight code for fast download and Google compatibility. Tested with the best cache plugins, so you can get high scores on most webpage speed testers, including Google Page Speed, with the right settings and content. For mobile devices, JNews fully supports Google AMP and Facebook instant messaging, which makes your website faster on all mobile devices.

SEO performance becomes one of our main concerns. We demonstrate this commitment by using the JSON LD offered by Google for better SEO results. Not only this, with the help of SEO you can do great things. The deal is to create a platform for your SEO content performance.

We also offer a number of ways you can earn money from JNews. Advertise with Google Adsense and AdSense, shop online with WooCommerce, or you can use marketing links or referrals using the JNews review system. With a fully responsive Google AdSense feature that ensures your ads are displayed accurately across all devices and screen sizes.

What’s new in JNews version 10.0.3?

Version 10.0.3: October 15, 2021

  • [BUG] Troubleshooting The zoom button class always appears even when the zoom button is off.
  • [BUG] Fix speed booster console error, jquery removal update to WordPress 5.6 jquery.min.js.
  • [Reward] If you need to customize it at the end, I’ve added both dirty and clean versions.
  • Version 10.0.2: 13 October 2021
  • [Improvement] Update License System Callback for Custom Manager URL
  • [BUG] Fixed a meta-view model problem
  • [BUG] Fixed PHP notification in page asset loader
  • [BUG] Correct the missing translation in the View Counter plugin
  • [Plugin] Update JNews – Social Sharing Version 10.0.1
  • [Plugin] Update JNews – See Counter Version 10.0.1
  • Version 9.0.6: 21 September 2021
  • – [Improved] Updated animated webpage
  • – [Improvement] Element: “_ Content_Template” has been removed, use “Content_Template () instead.
  • – [BUG] Fix undefined notification indicator in Element Editor
  • – [BUG] Fixed obsolete block_category hack
  • – [BUG] Fixed last modified model filter option
  • – [BUG] Resolved subscription title issue
  • – [BUG] Troubleshoot the zoom button
  • – [BUG] Fax: Unknown profile alert message on JNews – Mandatory
  • – [bug] Fix only post video format when configured by view counter problem
  • – [BUG] Solve zoom problem using the floating sharing bar.
  • – [BUG] Delete the unsupported gallery model gallery size option.
  • – [BUG] Fixed the main menu with the Gutenberg plugin problem
  • – [BUG] Troubleshoot payment errors in Front and WP Bakery Editor
  • – [BUG] Fixed the footer menu in Safari
  • – [BUG] Fix the video preview in the post editor (admin dashboard), if the URL has parameters, then the preview cannot be done.
  • – [bug] Correct video preview if URL (send post to the admin dashboard, look at front of post)
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Video v9.0.5
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Paywall version 9.0.3
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Required v9.0.2
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Instagram Version 9.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Podcast v9.0.4
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Gothenburg Version 9.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Social Sharing v9.0.2

Version 9.0.5: 26 August 2021

  • – [BUG] Change face style
  • – [BUG] Resolve the active license in the bookmark option number
  • – [BUG] Solve the manager with a completely dark state problem
  • – [bug] Fix lost translation in frontend translation plugin
  • – [BUG] Adds video to the liking problem
  • – [BUG] Troubleshoot the wireless button
  • – [BUG] Photoshop Fix
  • – [BUG] Fix popup entry in automatic upload post
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Bookmark v9.0.2
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Previous Translation v9.0.3
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Paywall version 9.0.2
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Podcast v9.0.3
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Video v9.0.4
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Automatic Bar Post v9.0.1

New best feature high more ad slot area, parallax ads in the article

  • – [Improve] Add a new translation string
  • – [OK] Include guest author social information on the author’s page
  • – [Bug] Solve Deleting Video
  • – [BUG] Troubleshoot block link element warning
  • – [BUG] Delete East Summary
  • – [Bug] Resolve lost style dependencies
  • – [BUG] Solve the Hero Secure problem while the slider is enabled
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Previous Translation v9.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Podcast v9.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Gallery v9.0.2
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Split v9.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Video v9.0.1
  • – Improve [good] best practices and accessibility
  • – [BUG] Author page issue resolved
  • – [BUG] Solve the hook contrast
  • – [BUG] Troubleshoot mega mini settings
  • – [Bug] Fix Birdcomb in AMP problem
  • – [BUG] Metabox lost in Gutenberg Manager
  • – [BUG] Fixed search model in a dark state issue
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – AMP v8.0.2
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Gallery v8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Split v8.0.2
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Required v8.0.3
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Automatically Upload Upcoming Post Version 8.0.1

PLUGIN] Update JNews – Required v8.0.2

  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Extensive Category Option v8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Submitting the previous section v8.0.3
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Gutenberg v8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] JNews Update – Instagram Feed Version 8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Like Button v8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Paywall v8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Podcast v8.0.2
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Social Login v8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Social Sharing v8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Split v8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Video v8.0.4
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – See Counter v8.0.1
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Review v8.0.2
  • – Clear [bug] data
  • = v8.0.5: May 19, 2021 = [Improvement] Integration of guest author into author’s page
  • – [Plugin] Update JNews – Video v8.0.3
  • – [BUG] Block Customizer drop-down menu
  • – [Bug] Fix misalignment of Playit screen element

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