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Free Download WooCommerce Orders Tracking v1.0.11 SMS PayPal Tracking Autopilot nulled

Free Download WooCommerce Orders Tracking v1.0.11 SMS PayPal Tracking Autopilot nulled is an essential plugin for WooCommerce Order Tracking. This plugin allows store owners to add, modify, import, and export tracking numbers and tracking URLs for each product and order.

Overview Of WooCommerce Orders Tracking v1.0.11 SMS PayPal Tracking Autopilot nulled

The plugin may send order tracking emails and text messages, in addition to adding order tracking descriptions and tracking URLs to PayPal transfers. Order tracking information is also integrated with other tracking providers using this plugin.

With the benefits of order tracking, business owners can easily track orders and keep their customers informed of the progress of their orders. Customers will also feel safe and secure when ordering their items.

woocommerce orders tracking sms paypal tracking autopilot features

Features Of WooCommerce Orders Tracking – SMS – PayPal Tracking Autopilot

More than 80 common shipping companies from around the world are integrated into this plugin. You can even add your own custom shipping company if needed.

  • There are over 80 carriers integrated: you can choose which drivers to use with the plugin.
  • Then, when adding the tracking code, all you have to do is select the carrier and enter the tracking code inside.
  • WooCommerce command tracking automatically generates a tracking URL for you.
  • Add Custom Cargo Companies: By entering your carrier name and tracking URL, you can add custom carrier carriers to the plugin.
    2. Email with order tracking information.
  • When you add a tracking code to a customer’s order, you can send them a tracking email.
  • You can change the subject, title, and text of the tracking email by editing it.
  • In emails, this plugin contains shortcodes that indicate the customer’s name, order ID, and delivery address.
  • 3. WooCommerce emails
  • Keep tracking information in WooCommerce order emails when order status changes.
  • Adjust the location of tracking information in WooCommerce emails.
  • 4. SMS
  • When the order tracking information changes, you can send a text message to your customers with the tracking URL.
  • Twilio, Nexmo and Plivo are three SMS providers you can choose from.
  • 5. PayPal
  • Automatically add shipping details: Shipping information, including the carrier name and tracking codes, is instantly added to your PayPal transfer.
  • Paypal Sandbox Supported: This plugin includes a sandbox function that allows you to test the feature using your Paypal Sandbox account before setting up your real account.
  • 6. Google reCAPTCHA and tracking service
  • WooCommerce order tracking is integrated with tracking services such as TrackingMore,
  • Cainiao, EasyPost, and Aftership.
  • This plugin receives shipping information from this business and passes it on to your customers.
  • TrackingMore, EasyPost, and Aftership all require a valid API to work.
  • Order Tracking for WooCommerce automatically receives tracking information from these sources.
  • Cainiao: This tracking service does not require the use of API.
  • Google reCAPTCHA: This option helps prevent spam and abuse on your website.

You can add tracking code to any product using the WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin. You can manually add the tracking code to the WooCommerce / Orders page, or you can upload it largely using a CSV file.

7.1. Enter the tracking code and export the commands to the CSV file
Using CSV files, this plugin allows you to insert a large am exported file. Then, insert the CSV file inside the plugin. Your WooCommerce orders and PayPal transfers will follow.

Order Filters: You can use filters to select orders for export based on productount of tracking code. You can export commands as a CSV file and insert tracking codes into theion date, payment, completion, status, receipt address, delivery address, payment type and shipping method.

Select the custom fields you want to export from the drop-down menu. Order ID, Order Product ID, Product ID, Diversity ID, Product Name, Product Price, Quantity, and Product SKU are all included in this report.

After updating the export command file and adding the tracking codes, insert the tracking codes using the CSV files. It may fit inside the plugin. Your WooCommerce orders will be instantly updated with tracking codes.

7.2. Manually add tracking codes to Woocommerce commands
Manually add tracking codes: In WooCommerce, you can specify the recommendations you want to add tracking information to the tracking number, trucking company, shipping company, and more. Changing the order status, sending an email to the customer (if the information is tracked), and adding a tracking number to the PayPal option are all options.

Block Tracking Number: For orders with many different items, you can add a large number of tracks at the same time.

Download WooCommerce Orders Tracking v1.0.11 Nulled – SMS – PayPal Tracking Autopilot:




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