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Nulled SmartMag v8.0.2 – News & Magazine WordPress

Free Download Nulled SmartMag v8.0.2 – News & Magazine WordPress is a news website and magazine. WordPress is a powerful and relevant WordPress template that contributes to the success of modern and successful magazines, newspapers and blogs.

Overview Of Nulled SmartMag v8.0.2

Since 2014, SmartMag has been tested on websites with millions of views and has fed tens of thousands of pages. ThemeSphere released the latest version 5.xx after 7 years of considerable customer feedback, research and experience.

Using it is still as simple as ever, just as effective and comprehensive as ever to create web pages based on your creativity.

Make your content more engaging, engaging, and easy to use. Smart Mag is now available for download and can be configured in minutes.

featured grids and sliders

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Features Of Nulled SmartMag v8.0.2 – News & Magazine WordPress

  • With one-click demo access, you can access more than ten professionally advanced demos.
  • Rich pieces for URLs, article design, and reviews are all included in SEO optimization.
  • Improve your SEO with WordPress SEO with full Yoast plugin compatibility.
  • Element Page Builder is a page builder that uses ThemeSphere’s special magic to create compelling page pages.
  • Smart Studio: Pre-built blocks, sections, and layouts that can be inserted with a single click for a powerful home screen.
  • A unique mega menu with more than three different styles to choose from.
  • Login/register the model with the social using the activation link in the title.
    Live allocation is very reasonable.
  • Thousands of possibilities and instant changes.
  • To meet the requirements, all components must be responsive on all devices.
  • Build supermarkets using the industry-standard eCommerce platform for WordPress, fully integrated with WooCommerce.
  • bbPress Integrated: Create an engaging community that appears in your newspaper, blog, or magazine.
  • Darkness is special.
  • Darkness works well.
  • In the header, add a configuration switcher or enable it by default.
  • Darker colors can be customized.
  • It is ideal for sports and sports news broadcasts.
  • Most layouts: Posts, pages, and categories can be adjusted to use a full square layout or right sidebar layout (custom sidebar extension is also supported).
  • Colors and fonts can be arranged infinitely.
  • There are over 900 Google web fonts and thousands of Adobe fonts to choose from.
  • All these images are amazingly resized in high-resolution screens and are retina-ready (HD).
  • RTL (left to left) is supported (left to right) and is activated immediately when WordPress is set to use the RTL language.
  • The translation is complete and WPML compliant.
  • Many prefixes, such as header up / down, footer up / down, one post before / after, and paragraph X after, can be used for ads and custom code.
  • For custom locations, you can use widgets and page builders.
  • Compile a list with 7+ categories and archives
    Multiple home blocks: There are many blocks with unlimited permissions, including a
  • highly interactive and powerful blockchain system between each WordPress template.
  • Titles can be custom.
  • To create your own title, use a Customer:
  • There are more than 9 aspects to creating a title that you should consider.
  • The Smart Sticky title displays your favorite title bar for scroll-up discovery.
  • With just one click, you can access more than ten pre-created titles.
  • Colors, styles, and layouts may vary.
  • Create your mobile title.
  • Social Media Integration Using social media:
  • Social sharing is either fixed or passable.
  • Share the above article on social media.
  • Below the post is the social sharing box.

smartmag woocommerce shop download

  • Put social media icons in the header, footer, and sidebar.
  • With the Counter Widget, you can track the number of people you follow on social media.
  • Official widgets like Facebook Like Box are supported.
  • (Graphical User Interface Standards / Review Builder) An integrated rating system
  • Percentage rating picture
  • An example of scoring
  • Star rating image
  • User feedback is encouraged.
  • There are many types of posts: standard, photo, gallery, audio, and video.
  • Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are all cross-browser compatible.
  • Message blocks and support tools:
  • There is a MailChimp integration.
  • Customs suppliers of other suppliers may combine their official codes.
  • There are many choices and types of styles.
  • Available for widgets in the sidebar and footer as well as in the page builder.
  • 12+ Selected Custom Widgets With so many options, default widgets are also widely supported.
  • Google AMP support includes a fully functional interface that includes home screen and off-canvas navigation.
  • Advanced Catalog Features include: (Custom Builder and in each category)
  • Adjust the hand color for menu and category tags.
  • Adjust the background image for a specific category (for frame layout).
  • Choose one of the seven list styles.
  • Enable illuminated field network to illuminate posts.
  • Activate the right sidebar or go with full layout.
  • Unlimited scrolling, overloading, or numbering are all options.
  • Gutenberg (new WordPress editor) fully supported with a unique ThemeSphere style.
  • Quote, double quote.

Changelog Of SmartMag – Responsive & Retina WordPress Magazine

Version 7.1.1 – 28 January 2022
Improved: UX sidebar widget option and applied correctly when both px and are selected.
– Fixed: Adjusting sidebar slot doesn’t work properly.
– Proven: WordPress 5.9 Yoast SEO Contradiction and Metabox Safety.

Version 7.1.0 – 26 January 2022
– WordPress 5.9 compatibility and development.
– Fixed: “via” thread for meta post is now searchable in loco translation.
Fixed: Post editor issues in WordPress 5.9.
– Fixed: Day setting for jetpack views.
– Improved: In case of delay in all scripts, debug plugin rules for dark mode.
– Improved: Remove the dark switcher from the debug delay bar.
Improved: Use the bunyad_meta_boxes filter in the Smart Meg kernel and example for CPT.

Version 6.0.0 – 23 August 2021
Major mobile speed improvements for home web hosts using our updated functionality guide and the integration of the debug plugin with the removal of unused CSS, pause and much more.
– More detailed work planning on JS theme for performance.
– Preload symbol fonts to further improve CLS.
– Added: 3 new imported home screens in Smart Studio.
– Added: 3 new importer title presets.
– Added: Round image feature for all blocks.
– Added: Small header typography options for News Focus / Focus grid block.
– Added: Multiple filters/hook builders for theme templates.
– Added: Vertical focus content option for list blocking.
– Added: Option to specify minimum views before showing in meta.
– Added: Search for custom cover color customization.
– Added: Disable all Google fonts for theme and element.
– Added: 5 new blocks/sections that can be imported into Smart Studio.
– Improved: Support for Gutenberg separator block colors.
– Improved: Support for custom sidebar squares in px.
– Improved: Check box sentence design with long text support.
– Improved: Select specific grid image for grid-b on 1x devices.
– Improved: Post cover layout support for post formats.
– Improved: WPML string definitions for 2 missing text allocators.
– Improved: Compatible with Elementary Pro custom layouts.
– Improved: Points can now be used in the general ranking of review posts.
– Fixed: Delete specific network meta via Element when also configured via Customizer.
– Fixed: Custom code feature for footer.
Fixed: Incorrect offset applied to header filters.
– Fixed: JS error without breaking multiple widget elements.
Fixed: Classification with CPT and custom IDs in Element widgets.
– Proven: WhatsApp icon in the title of social icons.
– Fixed: Small special network block header typographic settings.
– Several new custom and element options.
– Test compatibility / updates for plugins like WooCommerce 5.6.

Download SmartMag v8.0.2 – Responsive & Retina WordPress Magazine Nulled Free:




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