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Nulled Magzine Theme v1.11 – Elementor Review and Magazine

Free Download Nulled Magzine Theme v1.11 – Elementor Review and Magazine is the subject of a WordPress magazine review using the free Elementor plugin, which has over 5 million users? It has a drag and drop manager that allows you to easily create your own website.

Overview Of Nulled Magzine Theme

Elementor is limited in that your posts and pages only appear. This is when the magazine enters the picture. Using this theme, you can easily create your own titles, footnotes, archive pages, search pages, review articles, and review boxes. Also includes more than 40 traditional ingredients.

You do not need to create your own website if you do not want to. This topic includes a number of pre-built websites (coming soon). It’s not just a collection of different leaves. Each layout includes everything you need, including the title, footer, 404 page, post page, category page, and more.

Nulled Magzine Theme v1.11 –

Magzine design elements theme

Features: Magazine – Element Review and Magazine Topic

  • Website Builder
  • Design Elements (40+)
  • Enter the website with one click
  • Check out features that are unique
  • A system with a specific center
  • Websites that are already advanced
  • Free updates for the rest of your life
  • High-quality support
  • RTL compatible
  • 100% desirable for search engines
  • Page performance improved.
  • Ready translation and multilingual

Changelog Of Magzine – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme

Version 1.11 (March 25-22)
Update: The GhostPool Home Plugin has been updated to version 1.6
Update: LayerSlider plugin updated to version 7.1.3
Update: Added option to insert menu splitter before or after menu items
Update: The name of the template editor has been changed to Template Editor
Tip: Change the default slide-in menu and open / close icons with HTML / CSS
Fix: An error occurs when trying to delete multiple active patterns at the same time
Fix: Element errors/notifications created by the latest Element Era
Fixes: Not all matches are shown in the search results
Fax: Average site scores are not added to user posts submitted via the post submission form.
Fix: Imported demo preview links not working
Fix: Ajax page returns errors when adding comma-separated spaces in item element.

Version 1.10 (March 17-22)
Update: The GhostPool Home Plugin has been updated to version 1.5
Update: LayerSlider plugin updated to version 7.1.2
Update: Added sorting option in categories
Update: The option to upload a special secondary image has been added to the post submission form
Update: The member page is now listed in the list of pages
Update: You can now select a member’s homepage as a template display condition from GhostPool Core> Settings> Templates.
Update: Added option to display current user display name via a post meta element
Update: Added the option to customize the custom page template in separate posts/pages to use the custom template (replaces the blank template requirement)
Update: Shift effect option added to the custom image element
Update: You can now change the avatar height to display comments, recent views, opinions and author box elements.
Update: Added new splitter option for menu items (Appearance> Menu), style for this element added in Navu menu.
Tip: Only show the post deletion link if the user has the correct permission
Tip: You can now post without content or title fields
Tip: URL added to the author for article layout rich samples
Correction: Incorrect width of hidden fields in classification and delivery settings
Fax: In some cases, the user is not logged in after using the login form
Fax: Cancel follow-up All items show all posts on the Cancel follow-up page
Correction: In some cases, a fatal error occurs while executing Huber and Gauge importers.
Fixes: BuddyPress page specific image is not displayed in one section element
Fax: The text of the comment did not save the <p> tags
Fax: If there are no similar users in the post submission form, the default terms will not be set to the post.
Fix: Not approving a comment does not remove the comment rating from the post
Correction: In some cases, the author’s name appears in the author’s box element
Fax: The NaN rating is displayed by AJAX in the average rating of the rating elements.
Fix: Input / output dynamics disabled
Fix: Decade locations do not work for the average user rating in the rating display element
Fix: Icon adjustment in slide menu element did not work
Fix: Unlinked menu items do not use the correct style
Fix: The template edit button does not work in Element Manager in some cases

Magzine design elements download

Magzine design elements free

Version 1.9.1 (February 15-21)
Update: The GhostPool Home Plugin has been updated to version 1.5
Update: GhostPool Home UI Development> Settings> Template Page
Update: Improved user interface in Saaz web pages
Fix: Uninstalling the demo doesn’t work
Fix: Resetting theme settings did not clear template settings

Version 1.9 (09-09-21)
Update: The GhostPool Home Plugin has been updated to version 1.4
Update: Added nofollow and new window options for exclusive links
Update: You can now only post comments in the comments element for the current post, user or author.
Update: New filter added to post meta element to replace comma separator (ghostpool_post_meta_taxonomy_separator)
Editing: Self-hosted videos now use special images as templates
Tip: Now a popup will open when the URL is typed directly in the browser window or clicked from the web.
Tip: The lightbox option has been removed from the component element because it doesn’t support it
Tip: Author URL added to rich google pieces
Fax: The author box element displays the user description for the first user on all author pages.
Fix: The cursor image element is not displayed on all author pages
Fax: If the post had a high/low vote, you cannot vote in the comments.
Fix: Recaptcha login, login, and loss do not work with the reCaptcha plugin by BestWebSoft
Fix: The plugin for automatic login, registration, and lost passwords does not work properly.
Fix: The lightbox on a particular item element does not work properly
Correction: Post link-template links are not used in the section element
Fixes: Show problems when using Ajax filtering / redirecting with your host videos
Fax: Re-uploading comments via Ajax does not show all the original information

Download Magzine v1.11 Nulled – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme:


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