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Nulled BuddyBoss Platform Plugin v1.9.2 + Pro 1.2.0 + Theme v1.8.8 – Forum WordPress

Free Download Nulled BuddyBoss Platform Plugin v1.9.2 + Pro 1.2.0 + Theme v1.8.8 – Forum WordPress adds community features to WordPress. Member profiles, active channels, direct messages, notifications, and much more!

Overview Of Nulled BuddyBoss Platform

BuddyBoss makes it easy for you to share your knowledge and interest and increase your revenue by users.

The platform provides structured learning, kindergarten, social learning and gamification for active learning.

Online communication allows your customers or clients to communicate under your brand. Participants can interact and interact with each other on topics in forums and groups.

It can help you gain loyalty, gather feedback, add value and engage your brand. Thanks to AppBoss integration, you can launch your mobile applications and connect with the community wherever you are.

connect friends BuddyBoss Platform

With BuddyBoss theme and BuddyBoss platform
Online membership program
Value your members by creating stable and credible income streams. Use the forum and gamification features to keep your forum active.

Corporate training
Having a central training center for the workforce, as well as staff interaction and interaction, is a key factor in success in today’s competitive market. BuddyBoss helps you focus on your student experience and learning.

 free download Nulled BuddyBoss Platform theme

Non-profit organizations
Reduce training costs with regular online courses for your staff and volunteers. Training important skills such as fundraising or writing support programs to help increase funding for your organization.

Using community functions to care for employees, volunteers, and interested people who value them most can affect your reputation.

Online school and co-learning
Online education is growing faster than ever. BuddyBoss helps you create a flexible learning environment that supports your students anywhere in the world.

Changelog Of BuddyBoss – Platform Theme Nulled Free

= v1.8.8 =
* Subject Options – Delete unwanted Redux frame files

= v1.8.5 =
* Profiles – Profile type search settings are set to show when the Network Search section is active
* Profiles – Fix the exported data to show the value of the profile type field for naming instead of ID
* Groups – change user avatar Updated group image temporarily set in title
* Forums – The problem of posting discussion replies is solved by showing the wrong member name
* Functionality – Public URL link forwarding problem for private network solved
* Media – Fixed categories of non-translatable threads related to the media segment
* Media – Troubleshoot the “video-js-rtl.min.css” file that a site uses RTL language
* Text Manager – HTML paste copy problem solved
* LearnDash – Recover code to edit alerts and warnings
* REST API – Fixed User Registration API contains endpoint error message status code
* REST API – Uploaded media performance setting was set in API

= v1.7.6 =
* Profiles – Password Change Problem Solved
* Forums – Resolve issues by not saving discussion tags in updates
* Activity – Fixed discussion activity in the forum> Quick Response> Problem controlling access to uploaded media
* Performance – Resolve the activity license issue when group privacy changes from public to private and vice versa.
* Performance – Resolved the issue of removing the attached URL previews in Deleting Performance
* Functionality – Fixed performance view more slider UI issue options
* Media – Solve the video problem on specific servers by managing the symbolic link file extension
* Media-Fixed Image Guide Create Album Window Number UI
* Media – Fixed the problem of uploading small UI profile pictures
* Media – Solve the video template problem for iPhone
* Media – Develop small code to see if symlink functionality is disabled on the server
* Messages – The problem with message thread functionality is solved by not uploading all members at the same time
* Connections – The member widget solves the problem when the connection section is inactive
* Subscriber Access Controls – Resolved email notification problem for suspended members
* Network Search – When the profile type is hidden, static members are counted in the search results
* Registration – Resolved password forgetting problem when group member was disabled
Widgets – Troubleshoot widget settings for “Members I follow” and “Members I follow”
* Coding Standards – Improving SQL queries
* Coding standards – minor improvements to the escape feature in Network Search b format
* Element – Resolves element conflicts with parental authority in the organization
* REST API – Troubleshooting long thread performance at the end of messages
* REST API – Troubleshoot message sting members functionality in API
* Compatibility – The “WP Offload Media” plugin did not resolve the PDF document preview issue
* Compatibility – Fixed issues with the general compatibility of the “WP Offload Media” plugin.
* Compatibility – Resolve the “Event Manager” plugin conflict
* Compatibility – Resolved a critical issue with the ACF Frontend Pro plugin

= v1.7.5 =
* Adjustment – Added admin support for the video model
* Edits – Improve media reporting instead of reporting internal mail activity
* Modification – Fix an issue that shows hidden media in editing activity posts
* Profiles – Troubleshoot the duplicate profile editing area problem that doesn’t allow you to add new templates
* Profiles – Troubleshoot duplication issues in the administration when adding large numbers at once from the edit profile page
* Groups – Fix the problem of not showing my group tab in the list of videos and photos if the group section is inactive.
* Forums – Resolve the issue of face-to-face discussions when organizing “Last Post Discussions”
* Media – Small bug fixes with .m4v video support
* GamiPress – Troubleshoot the GamiPress user interface in the functionality feed
* Compatibility – Resolve conflict resolution with Avada Builder plugin
* REST API – Repeat field problem solved at the end of API
* REST API – The API issue was resolved when the push notification section was disabled
* REST API – Provides custom report links for media, documents and videos at the API endpoint
* REST API – Group type problem at group endpoints showing HTML markup
* REST API – API compatibility issue is also fixed with Avada Builder plugin

Download BuddyBoss Platform Plugin v1.9.2 + Pro 1.2.0 + Theme v1.8.8 Nulled:


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