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Nulled Filter Everything v1.6.3 – WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter

Nulled Filter Everything v1.6.3 – WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter is a very effective WooCommerce product filtering plugin.

Overview of Nulled Filter Everything

Create a high-performance filtering system. You can display your WooCommerce item (or any other type of post) with any filter plugin based on any criteria.

Filters Because everything is new, WordPress is fast and smart, has special SEO features, and filters almost everything.

filtering result pages

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Features of Nulled Filter Everything v1.6.3 – WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter

  • WooCommerce products include products, articles, recipes, cars, property assets, and more.
  • Any numeric value of a customs area (selling price, selling price, or any numeric value of a customs area).
  • Product evaluation
  • Product classification can be in the form of product categories, tags, or any other custom category.
  • Size, color, length, width, weight, and other product specifications
  • Discount, inventory, downloadable, pre-order, special and other product conditions
  • The variable, simple, group, type of external product
  • Transportation class
  • Product view
  • Product markup
  • Author
  • Every WordPress category you create
  • (Available / Not Available) Featured Image
  • Visit the product/post
  • Create recurring animated posts in a timely manner
  • After selecting a specific phrase or setting a numeric filter value, you always know how many products you will see.
  • Hiding blank sentences is an option.
  • All filters have no products to remove useless searches.
  • Indicates the ineffectiveness of this substance.
  • Empty during the filtering process
  • Filters can be retrieved and expanded.
  • WordPress style dashboard
  • Every WordPress user will be familiar with this
  • Design a simple filter
  • Compatibility with any WordPress template is guaranteed.
  • False and hack into patterns
  • Allows you to customize the functionality and layout of the filter for your site as needed.
  • The design of each theme is consistent.

Changelog Of Filter Everything – WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter

= 1.6.3 =
* Published – March 31, 2022 *
* Developer – Russian translation removed due to attack in Ukraine
* Developer – Ukrainian translation added
* Tick – Added hint to inactive gray filters
* Fixes – Fixes widget compatibility issues with Beaver Builder
* Fixed – Children’s current package period is fixed
* Correction – Fixed warning in FiltersWidget.php selected when hiding empty filters
* Fixes – Bug fixes with meta value 0 for custom field filters

= 1.6.2 =
* Fixes – Fixed widget debug messages

= v1.6.1 =
* Developer – Added support for polling plugins
* Developer – Added “No Order” option for the “Configuration Terms” filter section
* Tick – Added hooks to display content in the filter widget
* Tick – move lower controls to a separate template to allow users to revert back.
* Fixes – Minor bug fixes with filter enhancements
* Fixed – Fixed verification for previous URLs
* Fix – Solve missing popup widget on mobile phone by setting Apple + Redirect button

= v1.6.0 =
* Published – February 08, 2022, *
* Developer – Add / Remove Options in the Terms list
* Developer – Added the ability to specify a parent filter to the stream that provides the staged filter
* Tick – Return a sentence that corresponds to the current WP query topic.
* Tech – Added support for brand images for the perfect brands for the WooCommerce plugin
* Tick – Improved mode with WPML when post type filter sets are not translatable
* Tick – Add SQL comment to mark filtered SQL requests
* Tick – Filter widget added before and after actions
* Tick – Names and translations of some options have been improved
* Fixed – Hidden range slider filter problem is proven when conditions are 0-0
* Fixed – Problem solved with ‘isMetaValueSerialized’ method
* Fixed – Problem solved with Parental Tax 0 number if it doesn’t have email
* Fixes – Fix a bug with the “Hide empty filters” option when “Empty Conditions” has an initial value.
* Fixes – Bug fixes with Select2 are not defined in some administrative pages
* Fixed – CSS issue with unknown mobile popup widget when filter widget was added as shortcode
* Fixes – Fix a bug with the port number in the URL form to filter the range

= 1.5.1 =
* Release Date – December 31, 2021, *
* Developer – serious speed improvements for stores with many changes
* Fax – Fix ‘Unable to type error: floor ()’ in PostMetaNumEntity.php

Download Filter Everything v1.6.3 Nulled – WordPress & WooCommerce products Filter Free


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