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Nulled EduMall Theme v3.0.1 – Professional LMS Education Center WordPress

Free Download Nulled EduMall Theme v3.0.1 – Professional LMS Education Center WordPress helps create a unique mega learning center website the best way to connect with your students.

Overview Of Nulled EduMall Theme

If you want to create a website for an e-learning platform, educational institution, training center, or training center, EduMall is the best way to go.

By simply dragging and dropping and experimenting with our exciting demos, you can create an exciting professional website in no time. The best part is that you can update it and keep it up to date whenever you want.

EduMall to create a robust elearning site easily

3 main features ensure your succcess

EduMall to create a robust elearning site easily
fun and challenging
great course structure
powerful analytic

After months of thorough research into the training and operation of e-learning platforms, we have designed and developed it to create a useful and engaging learning theme. And here, EduMall is the perfect solution for the industry.

Using Tutor LMS, the most powerful WordPress LMS plugin, EduMall offers all the essential functions for the educational platform including the course management system, query creation, and management options … Thanks to the Tutor Plugin, users now Can get the same LMS experience. by the Impressive UI / UX design from us. EduMall, used for the e-learning platform, allows users to easily create their own website like Udemy or Coursera with many learning features.

EduMall by Tutor LMS Pro – a smart, simple, and complete LMS solution for creating courses and managing your training center.

You can create any website you can imagine with Elementor Page Builder keywords with 100% visual design. In addition, it’s easy to control every aspect of your educational web design process from one place.

With Zoom Integration, schools and other educational institutions can enhance their online applications. It allows students to access high-quality online video sessions via desktop, and mobile devices, and teachers can interact with students in real-time.

Our advanced test settings allow you to choose from a variety of questions, set time limits, and more. EduMall supports Tutor LMS Pro with up to 10 pre-selected questions including image matching, video answer, match, layout, short answer, open-end questions and essay, true or false, single choice, multiple-choice, fill It’s empty.

The administrator or teacher can also organize the questions randomly, limit the number of attempts and response time, and display the acceptance scores for the questions.

Users can create course content and queries or add other tutorials directly to the user interface. The Tutor plugin uses a drag and drop system for the course builder. Users can add jobs, videos, and multimedia to courses using the job feature, set course rates, and more.

EduMall helps you easily manage your e-learning platform and consider all your course settings: control all-inclusive enrollment, create custom documents, ensure content security, set course requirements Do.

Changelog Of EduMall – Professional LMS Education Center WordPress Theme

Version 3.0.1 – March 30, 2022
– Fixed:
Missing jobs in Tutor LMS
Element 3.6.1 Tested

Version 3.0.0 – March xx 2022
– Updated:
Insight Home Plugin Version 2.4.0
Insight Switch Plugin Version 1.3.0
Edumal Addon v.1.2.0
Teacher LMS Pro Plugin Version 2.0.1
Plugin Tutor LMS Certificate Generator v.1.0.2
Plugin Revolution Slider v.6.5.19
– Fixed:
Element column slate
Compatible with Tutor LMS 2.0
Change the dashboard design

Version 2.10.1 – 9 February 2022
Element templates support for traditional post types

Version 2.10.0 – 8 February 2022
Plugin Tutor LMS Pro v.1.9.15
Plugin Revolution Slider v.6.5.15
Dashboard navigation style in RTL
Dashboard layout in multiple languages.
Create a course style

Version 2.9.10 – 28 January 2021
– Updated:
Insight Home Plugin Version 2.2.8
Plugin Revolution Slider v.6.5.14
Plugin Tutor LMS Pro v.1.9.14
– Fixed:
Lesson sidebar changing shapes
Old air press molds

Download Nulled EduMall Theme v3.0.1 – Professional LMS Education Center WordPress free




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