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Nulled XStore Theme v8.1.4 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress

Nulled XStore Theme v8.1.4 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress is a beautiful and flowing WordPress template with a responsive design. It is carefully designed and includes a set of pages, tools, and settings to help you build a professional and trusted online store.

Overview Of Nulled XStore Theme v8.1.4

X Store makes e-commerce easy. You can easily access music stores such as electronics, fashion, furniture, specialty stores, clothing, glasses, watches, sportswear, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, markets, pharmaceuticals, food, auto parts, organic, landing pages. . . and more.

Additionally, the X Store Theme has a number of widgets that help you improve user visibility on your store. The theme option is user-friendly and does not require any special knowledge and adds value to the topic responsibly.

features XStore theme

Features XStore Theme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress

  • There are over 80 demos, you can log in with just one click
  • Compatible and built: WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, Yellow Pencil Manager,
  • Lots of previous header settings
  • Compatible with Woozone, Dokan, product sellers, WC MakerPlace
  • Multilingual support is available for WPML, PolyLang, RTL

Changelog of XStore Theme | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled Free

Latest version 8.1.4 / home plugin 4.1.4
April 5 of the year
Added: Pre-built Element Demo – Pet Store
Added: Pre-built Eliminator Demo – Business 02
Added: Pre-built Element Demo – Water Supply
Added: Sends Element Scheduling Widget
Added: WooCommerce compatibility 6.4.1
Added: Hide original product changes (Options) – Subject Options -> Title -> Search (if the search product type option is enabled)
Improved: Product Status Filter Widget with Variable Product Separation Option
(Forum topic)
Improved: Element vertical scheduling widget
Improved: Posts, Chess Posts, Posts, Element Widgets with the option to show posts by categories/tags
Fixed: Shows the brand number for the filter product list type based on the brand widget
Fixed: Internal newsletter opening works well with element widgets (start styles/scripts of elements in a popup window) (forum topic)
Fixed: Element widgets in sidebar after ajax filters (forum topic)
Fixed: Featured product still image/static content doesn’t work in some cases (forum topic)
Fixed: Mobile menu import
Fixed: Fixed post layout adjusted (in some cases – when a fixed footnote was enabled), CSS.

Version 8.1.3 / 07 April 2022
Added: Element Product Grid Widget.
Added: Element Carousel Widget.
Added: Element Post Widget.
Added: Elementary Chess Widget.
Added: Element Posts Tabs Widget Element.
Improved: Element Product List Widget.
Improved: Element Filter Product Widget.
Improved: Product title restrictions on small shopping cart contents.
Improved: Upload all element widgets to the front.
Improved: Quick view of images when the separate variable option is enabled.
Fixed: Apply widget to all filters – two-way parameters.
Fixed: HTML 3 blocks a single product builder for multiple templates.
Fixed: Copy of active filter widget.
Fixed: PHP notifications after the elementary update.
Fixed: Crumb steps in product classification pages.
Fixed: In some cases fatal errors in product with traditional WPBakery network builder.
Fixed: Fatal errors with parental parameters set in product category element widget.
Fixed: Image page with full-width search type.
Fixed: Quick display of fatal error when product selection is done with a solid block.
Fixed: If the product is foreign, add a shopping cart button from the sticky shopping cart.
Fixed: Floating dynamic carousel banner.
Fixed: In some cases, PHP notifications in a post.

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