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Nulled WordPress Real Media Library v4.18.3 – Media Categories / Folder File Managers

Wp Real Media Collection Nulled is a great tool that makes life easier with media documents. But with the extension Real Press Library – Press Catalog / File, you will get a brand new positive experience whenever using press content on your WordPress website.

Overview of WordPress Real Media Library

Because of this extension, you can organize all the images published to your Wp site in files or categories. Very easily for every and category, and simply add images by pulling and dropping the required media content into the desired file. WP Real Press Library Extension: Save you a lot of time by creating order between your images.

Use your mouse (or tap) to drag-n-drop the file. Create, rename, delete, or piece together folders. Just set up this plugin and it will work completely with all of your image and media files. It also supports a multi-user mode.

Real Press Library provides great extensibility for other developers. For example, you can also install third-party extensions to create physical folders on your FTP server (wp-content/uploads) or synchronize files with Lightroom.



Features Of WordPress Real Media Library – Folders & File Manager

  • Total file and file management
  • Drag and drop your documents into folders
  • Produce a shortcut for folders
  • Filter in the insert library conversation
  • Custom image order
  • Works great in list mode too
  • Advanced upload management
  • Create galleries from folders

Changelog Of WordPress Real Media Library – Folders & File Manager

v4. 18. 3 (2022-04-20)
### chore
2. directly link to affiliate as compared to affiliate summary to avoid long searches (CU-23854nv)
2. remove React and React DOM local copies and depend on the WordPress version (CU-awv3bv)
* update required WordPress version to 5. 2 (CU-awv3bv)
### fix
* compatibility with Rank Math SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Pro and mass editing (CU-23z1qkq)
2. shortcut is not appropriately classified for copied WPML/PolyLang press translation (CU-2388nd4)
### refactor
* draw out composer dev dependencies for their corresponding dev package (CU-22h231w)
2. name traefik atmosphere to staging (CU-22h231w)
* put the composer license packages to @devowl-wp/composer-licenses (CU-22h231w)
2. rename WordPress-packages and WordPress-plugins folder (CU-22h231w)
* revert vacant commits for bundle folder rename (CU-22h231w)
* use PHPUnit-config and phpcs-config in all PHP deals (CU-22h231w)

v4. eighteen. 2 (2022-04-12)
### fix
* suitability with the latest Divi version by depending on their Respond version (CU-244xezv)

4. 18. 1 (2022-04-04)
Note: This bundle (@devowl-wp/real-media-library) has already been upgraded because a dependency, which delivered with this bundle, has changed.

v4. 18. 0 (2022-03-15)
### chore
2. do not open fire hook RML/Folder/Rename for newly created files (CU-1znmrf2)
* review 1 (CU-1jkmq84)
2. review 2 (CU-1jkmq84)
* use wildcarded composer repository route (CU-1zvg32c)
### task
* introduce new programmed plugin program updater (CU-1jkmq84)
### fix
* translate PROFESSIONAL version links (CU-20r2c4q)
* use proper link for Find out more in license discussion for CodeCanyon products (CU-1jkmq84)
### refactor
* make wordpress plugin updates independent of single store (CU-1jkmq84)
### test
2. smoke tests

Download Nulled WordPress Real Media Library v4.18.3 – Media Categories / Folder File Managers free




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