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Free Download Advanced School Management System with Complete Features

In this article, we will show you a Free Download Advanced School Management System with Complete Features. Faculty management machine mission turned into programmed the use of PHP and MySQL as the database used. Additionally, it is superior to JavaScript and CSS programming.

Complete Features

Admin can control complete this software program.

Upload dynamic class, phase, and institution.

Admin can pick pupil potential in a category and segment.

Admin can view, edit and delete class’s statistics, sections, and groups.

Upload new students on this software as pupil admission.

Admin can view scholar’s details and parents’ facts.

Edit and delete scholar records.

Admin can view the overall faculty students’ attendance percentage.

Students’ attendance percent have kind a) each day or going for walks attendance percent. B) total or every year attendance percentage.

Upload a magnificence routine for individual elegance.

Add a new trainer to this system.

Can edit and delete any teacher’s records.

Upload dynamic subjects for every elegance.

Can delete from any magnificence additionally edit magnificence subject data.

Admin can declare observe for all consumers on this software.

If admin wants declared exceptional word for the distinctive consumer.

Admin can make mother and father profiles for this software.

Admin can delete mother and father profiles.

Upload the grade with points for the exam.

Upload examination and examination habitual by means of exclusive elegance.

Admin can view all examination ordinary with the aid of elegance identify and exam name.

If the admin need can edit and delete the exam and examination routine.

Admin can view the result of examination attendance.

Admin can check end result sheet and take delivery of end result sheet that’s despatched from the trainer.

Admin can whole the whole bring about a class and put up the end result.

Admin can submit the bring about the faculty for all magnificence.

Admin can view any scholar’s mark sheet.

Add new e-books and e book’s classes for the library on this software program.

Admin can view, edit and delete books and book’s categories from the library.

Upload new shipping, path and vehicles for the college’s college students, instructors and worker.

Admin can edit and delete this direction’s records on this software program.

Admin can upload account title by means of account type for controlling the accounting in this software.

Admin can edit and delete account title from this software.

Admin can make student transaction slip whilst scholar provide the tuition fee and different bills.

Admin can view the full scholar transaction slip.

If the admin wants to delete this slip, he can delete the complete slip at a time.

If the admin needs to edit or delete one or object in a slip, additionally he can try this.

Admin can despatch rubdown to any person on this software program.

Admin can delete his inbox massager simplest.

Admin can view, edit and alternate his non-public profile information.

Admin can set or trade his profile picture, he also can exchange the password for this software program.

Admin can trade the weekly off day in this software program.

Admin can alternate the general configuration settings.

Admin can set or exchange the time region.

Admin can upload new dormitories, dormitories room and bed and complete dormitories handling get admission to.

Admin has a private occasions calendar as he wrote down his events in this calendar.


Teachers have a pleasing dashboard.
Instructor can view the scholar’s information in info.
A trainer can view the info records in a category with total pupil, section, and habitual.
Instructors can view the magnificence of recurring individuals.
A trainer can take attendance classes for college students online.
Instructors can view the previous elegance students’ attendance.
If need to change the attendance preceding magnificence teacher can do that.
The instructor can view the other trainer’s statistics.
Instructors can view the attention into being aware board.
The instructor can view the pupil’s mother and father records’s.
The teacher can take scholar’s exam attendance on-line.
The teacher can view preceding exam attendance.
Instructors can view grade’s desk information with factors.
The instructor can submit the scholar’s examination problem mark sheet online to the admin to receive that mark sheet.
A trainer can view the all end result that is published.
A trainer can upload new e-book categories and new e-books into this software program.
A teacher can view the library ebook’s listing.
Instructors can view the shipping facts.
The trainer can send message to pupils, parents, teachers, and admin by way of an internal messaging device.
The instructor can view and edit his profile facts.
The teacher can alternate this profile photo.
A trainer can trade his login password.
The trainer has a private occasions calendar as he wrote down his activities on this calendar.

Free Download Advanced School Management System with Complete Features




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