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Free Download Hummingbird Pro Nulled v3.3.5

WPMUDev recommends a free download Hummingbird Pro Nulled v3.3.5 as a presentation enhancement plugin.

Once activated, Hummingbird pro will test your web page for ability velocity improvements and offer the proper settings for recording stress, minification, and software saving.

Hummingbird hurries up your website while also assisting you in improving your Google PageSpeed Insights ranking!

Features WpMudev Hummingbird Pro WordPress Performance Plugin

Free Download Hummingbird Pro Nulled v3.3.5
  • Cloud Cache management: For managing the Cloudflare Browser Cache, Hummingbird pro has short controls.
  • Report Optimization Made less difficult: For quicker execution, use WPMU DEV’s excellent-fast and comfortable CDN.
  • Progression of the photograph: Smush seasoned club allows you to resize, compress, and improve all your photographs.
  • Screen Uptime: hold a tune of your web page’s reaction time to peer whilst it’s down for the vacations.
  • Security management within the data center: From the Hub, you may hold a song of safety issues, updates, and reinforcements for all your places.

Hummingbird Pro Nulled

Changelog of Hummingbird Pro Nulled v3.3.5

October 4, 2022 - v3.3.5
Enhance: Membership status check

= v3.3.4 ( 2022-06-16 ) =
- Enhance: Reports compatibility with Defender masking feature
- Enhance: Cleanup on uninstall on network installs
- Enhance: Page cache compatibility with Defender security headers
- Fix: Usage tracking option on network installs
- Fix: Setup module logic on plugin activation
- Fix: Inline limits in asset optimization
- Fix: Weekly performance report sometimes sent out twice
- Fix: Settings link on Plugins page
- Fix: Comment on-click lazy loading
- Fix: Translation link URL
- Fix: Tooltip showing by default on 'Checking files' asset optimization modal
- Fix: Redis module not always being able to write to wp-config.php file
- Fix: Skip onboarding wizard if a config has been applied
- Fix: Rename "Basic" config to "Default"

May 11, 2022 - v3.3.3 
New: Set the number of comments to preload in lazy loading module
Enhance: Clean up after uninstalling on multisite
Enhance: Remove duplicate 'wphb_page_cache_cleared' action in favour of 'wphb_clear_cache_url'
Enhance: Sanitize input fields in Configs module
Enhance: Compatibility with Weglot plugin
Fix: PHP undefined array key warnings
Fix: Fatal error when clearing cache in certain conditions
Fix: Toggling Uptime from WPMU DEV hub
Fix: Clear cache button not white labeled
Fix: Onboarding setup wizard summary layout
Fix: Onboarding setup wizard tracking option on multisite
Fix: Smush upsell block logic
Fix: Tutorials on dashboard page cannot be hidden
Fix: Duplicate users in notifications modal
Fix: Errors when offloading ES6 modules with import statements to CDN
Fix: Clear cache button (admin bar) logic on network installs
Fix: Cloudflare zone selector not working
Fix: High contrast notice in comments lazy load module
Fix: Lazy loading WooCommerce reviews

= v3.3.2 ( 2022-03-14 ) =
- Fix: XSS vulnerability

Download WpMudev Hummingbird Pro v3.3.5 Nulled Free

Note: perhaps you want to unzip before installing the plugin. We do now not supply any assurance if any subject matter/plugin carries a virus. Please check on Virustotal before the usage of it on localhost.
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