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Free Download AffiliateWP WordPress Plugins v2.9.2 + Addons

You can also Free Download AffiliateWP WordPress Plugins v2.9.2 + Addons nulled with the latest update for the WordPress plugin.

Overview Of AffiliateWP WordPress Plugins v2.9.2 + Addons

You can use the AffiliateWP plugin to launch an affiliate marketing program on your website.

For what purpose? Users advertise your product online, which is useful for SEO.

AffiliateWP Features – Affiliate plugin for WordPress

  • For every new sale you refer, you will receive a 20% commission.
  • You can access a collection of banners and logos to use on your website.
  • In your affiliate section, you may see visitation data, referrals, and payment updates.
  • To determine your earning potential, following cookies for 30 days after your first visit.
  • With the help of our affiliate professional manager, you can get help with your affiliate marketing.
  • Rewards for unlimited commissions
  • Payment is made through PayPal once a month (minimum. 50.00).

features AffiliateWP Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

Changelog AffiliateWP WordPress Plugins Nulled Free To use

  • Version 2.9.2, March 9, 2022
  • New: Add Brand Plugin
  • Improved: The AffiliateWP version number in the system info file is “upgraded from”
  • Improved: Update Author and Author URI Plugin
  • Improved: Enable the “Reject unpaid references” option by default
  • Fixed: Dutch translation files updated
  • Proved: When the data deletion option is checked, the reference database meta table will not be deleted.
  • Fixed: New friends do not participate in newly referred email notifications
  • Fixed: “File Upload” button does not work on dependency portal settings page
  • Fixed: Unable to reject banner upgrade to professional on AffiliateWP admin page
  • Version 2.9.1, 17 February 2022
  • Fixed: New installation no longer shows the message “Your database table needs update”
  • Fixed: License check error proven
  • Fixed: Admin wizard only lasts if it has a valid license key
  • Fixed: Default cookie expiration updated 30 days in the setup wizard
  • Fixed: Startup wizard integration in new installations is now saved as expected
  • Fixed: Deleting scripts now just trying to delete campaign views if any

Also, List of Addons AffiliateWP Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

  • AffiliateWP – PayPal Payouts v1.3
  • AffiliateWP – Sign Up Bonus v1.2
  • AffiliateWP – Pay as Points v1.2.12
  • AffiliateWP – Leaderboard v1.1
  • AffiliateWP – Affiliate Portal v1.1.2
  • AffiliateWP – Affiliate Dashboard v1.0.1
  • AffiliateWP – Crypto v1.0.12
  • REST API Extended v1.2
  • AffiliateWP MLM v1.1.5
  • AffiliateWP – Group Switcher v1.1.3
  • AffiliateWP – Checkout Referrals v1.1
  • AffiliateWP – Zapier – Automated Tasks v1.4
  • AffiliateWP – Signup Referrals v1.2
  • Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms v1.2
  • Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms v1.2
  • Pushover Notifications v1.2
  • Affiliate Landing Pages v1.2
  • Direct Link Tracking v1.3
  • Custom Affiliate Slugs v1.2
  • Lifetime Commissions v1.6
  • AffiliateWP – Recurring Referrals v1.9
  • Tiered Affiliate Rates v1.3
  • AffiliateWP – Multi-Level Affiliates v1.9.15 NULLED
  • Multi-level Marketing v1.1.5
  • Affiliate Dashboard Sharing v1.3
  • PayPal Payouts v1.4

Download AffiliateWP v2.9.2 Nulled + Addons:


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