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Free Download Nulled GravityView v2.14.2 – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website

Free Download Nulled GravityView Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website is a set of plugins that make it easy to display gravity forms objects on your WordPress site.

Overview Of GravityView v2.14.2

GravityView is a Gravity Forms plugin that integrates with third-party services or provides basic add-ons and features. This plugin offers more types than plugins.

GravityView Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website

GravityView Features – Display gravity form entries on your website

  • Visits are endless: generate as many hopes as you can until you get lost.
  • There is no limit to what you can do.
  • Confirm and Reject Information: Verify before any input is online.
  • It also works if you want to accept all recommendations.
  • From the front, edit the input: you can change the original attraction form without using the admin dashboard … and allow users to change their built-in inboxes.
  • Compatible with Gravity Forms plugins: GravityView is compatible with all Gravity Forms plugins.
  • We have a good working relationship with the attraction form ecosystem.
  • Multilingual languages: English, Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese and Romanian are some of the languages ​​supported by Gravity Wave.
  • Don’t see your mother tongue? Help with translation!
  • CSV files can be imported: Do you want to use gravity forms to import data from CSV
  • files? no problem! Gravity Forms Import Login Plugin is available.
  • Explained Input: Do you want some information to always come first? Simply mark
  • them as “stars” on the admin page, and you’re done!
  • Raphael, Kefer, and Zack provided excellent support: we are here, we really are and we are happy.
  • We keep the plugin up to date and appreciate our customers.
  • In our responses, we often use emojis. Please contact us with any questions or simply say hello!
  • This is ideal for paid guides: use the attractive form payment plugin, organize your vision, and have a paid guide for yourself!
  • On the Edit Login Page: On the front of your site, inside the main attraction form, edit the login.
  • Users can also update their information in GravityView!
  • You decide who has access to repairs and what areas.
  • Integration of Data Tables: Data Tables, the best script for working with table data, is closely integrated with Gravity Wave.
  • With live updates, you can browse, filter and sort.
  • Includes galactic or interstellar license levels.
  • GFChart, Gravity Flow, and Gravity PDF: For more work with farm data, GravityView works well with GravityFlow, Gravity PDF, and GFChart.
  • Continued improvement: We’ve made an average of 13.85 changes per week to GravityView over the past year.
  • Last month, GravityView had over 60 promotions.
  • This is real-time information and we are still strong!

Changelog Of GravityView – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website

v2.14.2 = March 10, 2022
Fixed: Potentially fatal error in PHP 8 when exporting views in CSV and TSV formats
Fixed: When the number field is used with the “is” operator, the search widget causes fatal errors.
Fixed: When the field value is empty and the operator is set to “is”, the search widget returns invalid results.
* Fixed: Form attractive widget icon not showing
Fixed: Gravity form widget does not show existing features while saving display

v2.14.1 January 25, 2022 =
* Tested with WordPress 5.9
* Improved: [Members Plugin] ( now works by enabling trouble-free mode
* Improved: Performance when saving views with multiple backgrounds
* Improved: Performance when viewing page edit page when viewing has multiple fields
Fixed: Gravity Form Widget used in View Manager Launched on all admin pages.
Fixed: PHP warning when generated by the user and no longer available to repair input in gravity forms
* Fixed: Error activating sites that use the Danish language
* Fixed: login scripts not loading properly when using full site editing themes in WordPress 5.9
* Updated: TrustedLogin client to version 1.2, which now supports login to install most WordPress sites
* Updated: Polish translation. Thank you, Darwish!

Download GravityView v2.14.2 Nulled – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website




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